Hi, I’m Matt

Software start-up entrepreneur, social media marketing and sales growth business operator.

Technology | Social Media | Business

What I Do

I’ve helped and contribute to start-ups, large and small corporates to build great businesses.

Sales Growth

Advise how to accelerate growth, setup, go-to-market and be successful.


As an entrepreneur, I understand feeling lonely or that things get tough.


Wanting to know the ins & outs of social & mar-tech? Been there and done that.


Need a market expert who can help you pitch, present and share experiences?

What I Do

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I consult startups to multinationals on how to accelerate growth, setup, go-to-market, and be successful.


Starting a business is risky. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand feeling lonely or that things are tough.


Wanting to know the ins and outs of social media: strategy, costs, content, ads, video? I’ve been there and done that.


I’m a professional, inspiring, and engaging international speaker that also provides in-depth consults.


Photography and visual content are essential for today’s content marketer. Share my passion for all things visual!

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Blogs and Latest Musings


I launched my first podcast – PodAsia – in 2005 and what a great time.  Now I’m back behind the mic.

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If you’d like to get in touch, Link In or send me an email at matt@mattholden.biz

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